Li'l Red Jacket Dad

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“Red Jacket Dads” are more than simply “great dads.” They are openly and unashamedly loving towards their families. They are equal partners in parenting, rather than the other child in the family. They get down on the floor to play with their kids, rather than sit back with beer in hand watching the game. Red Jacket Dads push themselves daily to love and support their families, giving proper respect to their children and partners, and expecting the same in return. Above all, Red Jacket Dads understand that DADS MATTER, in all aspects of parenting and family. Whatever we do, we love our families, and we do our best for the sake of those we love.

“Red Jacket Dads” is a podcast for us, to discuss our challenges, our successes and our failures. We’re also not afraid to talk about those things that, traditionally, only moms talk about, or those things that only women are normally “allowed” to talk about. And, we try to do it all with our senses of humor intact, meaning we don’t waste time with the fallacy of political correctness.

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